connecting the dots


Aligning the dots will create a consumer-friendly health care marketplace.

Creating a Consumer-Friendly Health Care Marketplace

 Health Care 2020 offers a new, patient-friendlier marketplace in which:

  • The health care consumer will drive the market, demanding competitive pricing with improved quality and outcomes. 
  • Secrecy in pricing will be eliminated. 
  • The consumer will determine which provider to access for health care instead of relying on the insurance company to choose. 
  • Physicians will have an opportunity to escape hospital health system micromanagement.
  • Hospitals will compete, creating better quality at reduced prices. 
  • Insurance companies will enter the marketplace, breaking up the current monopolies that have created the unfriendly consumer marketplace. 
  • Governments will defer to protecting patients from the practice of unsafe medicine and drugs and enforcing contract law, instead of trying to micromanage the health care marketplace. 

Competition driven by health care consumers will mirror the same processes as with other purchases in today’s marketplace. Quality will improve, prices will fall, and consumers will be able to access care when they want and need it.

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The Manual - Health Care 2020: Connecting the Dots, is a 92-page document filled with practical and doable ideas about how to change U.S. health care from the most consumer-unfriendly marketplace, to a healthier, more affordable consumer-friendly marketplace. This manual is perfect for anyone interested in finding a better way to access health care in the U.S.