the manual - Health Care 2020:

the manual - Health Care 2020:

the manual - Health Care 2020:the manual - Health Care 2020:the manual - Health Care 2020:



Today, patients are forced to purchase health care services in a consumer-unfriendly marketplace. Health Care 2020 provides a path to a consumer-friendly health care marketplace. Learn More.


Employers provide private health insurance for more than 178 million Americans. Without employers paying the greatest majority of private health insurance premiums, the health care system as we know it today would collapse. Health Care 2020 shows how employers can band together to demand change to the unfriendly consumer-marketplace. Learn More.


Physicians are just as unhappy as patients and employers with today's health care system. Physicians want to provide high quality medical care using their training, experience, and best judgment without being micromanaged by third parties.  Health Care 2020 provides a way forward for physicians to enjoy their practice, and go independent again if they choose. Learn More.


Insurance companies and third party payors are at a crossroads. Either they must find new ways to control the high cost of insurance premiums or they will become a government-controlled agency. Health Care 2020 offers  a revitalized private health insurance marketplace with new consumer-friendly products. Learn More. 


With all five dots aligned and patients first, Americans can enjoy a consumer-friendly marketplace. Learn More.


Government's role in health care must change from federal over-regulation to allowing a consumer-friendly marketplace to emerge. Governments must protect against fraud and abuse, but let a new transparent health care system replace the consumer-unfriendly marketplace of today. Learn more.

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